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What’s New?

This is a quick log page in chronological order of modifications carried out to the website and new info from the Club so you can have a quick glance to see what has been happening since your last visit.

October 2019


A reminder to all. If members pay their subs for next year on the day of the AGM they get full membership for £28. But if you pay before or after the AGM it will cost you £30.

February 2020


It seems that some of the rear ends of society have been playing with email address harvesters and have harvested the club email addresses and think it is a good idea to send their commercial sales pitches to everyone without consent. Imbeciles. Just consign the emails to the junk folder. They will hopefully get fed up eventually or grow up, we hope.

March 2020


Mountfleet Pilot Cutter Britannia kit now sold. Boiler still for sale.


Boiler now sold.