HMS Ocean
Builder Richard Thurston

A Brief History of the Model in Richard's own words.

"This model is dedicated in memory of my late father, Raymond Thurston who came home on HMS Ocean during the Suez Canal Crisis in 1956.  He was a Royal Marine 42 Commando.  I have replicated my model based upon exactly how it was when it returned from Suez, using photographs and the Internet for research.

Whilst this is not museum build quality, it is a fully operational radio controlled model and I am really pleased with the build quality achieved.  It has 186 lights, the band of the Royal Marines come up on a deck lift (with music, Soldiers of the Sea, Life on The Ocean Wave & Sunset), there are battle sounds, working anchors, two working radars, smoke unit, helicopter blades rotate, with effective start up and idle sound, Morse code lights (flashes with sound) – it’s the full works!

Out of interest, coincidentally, my father joined the Royal Marines on 6 November 1951, went into the Suez Crisis on 6 November 1956 and sadly passed away on 6 November 2001; I started building the ship on 6 November 2008!

HMS Ocean was built by Stephen shipyards in Linthouse, near Glasgow in November 1942 it was launched on July 8th 1944 and commissioned in August 1945, in Dec 1945 she became the first aircraft carrier to receive landings by a jet aircraft off the Isle of White. After the second world war she was employed by the Royal Navy off Korea as part of the British and commonwealth contingent of the UN forces she also acted as a commando carrier during the Suez crisis in November 1956, she was broken up in may 1962"